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  • The Future of the Internet in Four Predictions

    In the days of science fiction past, authors had to dream up the world of the future, they could not fathom a world beyond basic electronics. They envisioned worlds where everything remained hard-wired, and nuclear technologies would rule on high.

  • The Dark Side of the Internet: How to Avoid Shady Websites

    You’ve seen it a thousand times by now: you do an internet search for something innocuous, like a recipe for that new potato salad that’s getting rave reviews, and you find what seems to be a perfectly normal website. You click and before you know it, your computer is infected with malware.

  • Five Ways to Free Up Space and Speed Up a Slow Computer

    Sometimes, things run so slow on your computer that you can barely get your work done. Many people are inclined to blame their internet connection for sluggish computer behavior, but more often than not, it has nothing to do with your internet at all.

  • 3 Tech Toys We’re Excited About Right Now

    Summertime is so close to here, and for Arizonans, those summertime temps come a lot sooner than they do for the rest of the country. Summertime means a lot of things, including a whole lot of new tech toys making their way to both real and virtual retail shelves.

  • Is Your Home’s Setup Blocking Your WiFi?

    When you moved into your home and imagined how each room would fit into your design plans, it is highly likely that the location of your wireless router was not taken into account. For many, the router is placed in a common area nearby a shared computer, such as a family room.

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