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December 2017

  • Net Neutrality - Bluespan Official Policy

    Here is a simple fact. Net Neutrality is essential to the consumer. Companies like Comcast, Verizon and ATT have spent millions of dollars lobbying the FCC to rescind the regulations. Their claim is that it stifles innovation.

March 2017

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    Better Internet and Better Values

    Bluespan values your time. We don’t want our customers to be stuck on the phone all day talking to a robot. When you contact Bluespan wireless you can be sure that you will speak to a real person. Our employees pride themselves in having customers that are friends.

February 2017

  • Having Friends Really Pays Off

    The average person sees an overwhelming 5,000 advertisements a day. This makes consumers wary of the authenticity of what they are exposed to, especially online. Most people are bombarded by messages promising FREE products that never actually live up to expectations.
  • Bluespan's Local Customer Service Advantage

    Bluespan understands what is important to our customers. Our highest priority is to provide the fastest and most efficient internet service so you have more time to pursue the things that really matter. We know you have family, friends, and a career on your mind.

January 2017

August 2016

July 2016

  • The Elderly and the Internet

    Social media has long been a domain of Generation Z and Millennials, but a surprising group of people have become internet savvy in recent years. Seniors, those 65-years old and up, have become serious social media users, and it is doing a world of good for them.